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The presidential race makes people focus on the White House. It’s natural to daydream and argue over what the President’s House will look like come next January. But shouldn’t we pay more attention to our own house? There is truly little the White House occupant will do that impacts our wallet on a daily basis. There is truly much that we can do at our own houses that will.

Sustainability Starts At Home

Sure, major policy decisions are made at the White House that have real impact. Otherwise the election cycle wouldn’t take so long and stir such emotion. As an Air Force Captain, it was my honor to support the President. But when I got home each night, I made daily decisions that were not influenced by the policies made by people at work. That’s true regardless of the party or personality holding the office at the time.

Do you want to save dollars or (hundredths of) cents?

We each pay part of the electric bill and the gas bill at the White House, with someone else flipping the light switch. That’s true for all levels of our government. What if we put the same passion and thought into controlling the utility bills in our house?

Arming yourself with knowledge about simple items and tasks that you can do at home would have a direct impact on your wallet and your personal environmental footprint. Anyone can write a letter to the First Family and make a suggestion about plants for the White House garden or if they should use LED lighting. Even if the suggestions were implemented, how many tiny fractions of a cent would be taken off your taxes? How many dollars would you save if you did those items at home?

If everyone swept their doorstep, the whole world would be clean.


Of course, this can’t happen if we focus too much emotional energy and time on the White House, and forget our own house. Your personal decisions, behaviors and policies — multiplied by 300 million people — is what shapes national policy.

Over the next few months, we’ll talk more about the space between the White House and Your House. I think we’ll be able to share some good ideas and good ways to act to save money and the world — regardless who wins this election or ones beyond.

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