RCI Website Redesign: Open for Business.

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The Goal: To Refresh and Update

It was time for a new website for many reasons. Primarily, the goal of a new web redesign is to implement a new modern and interactive site to inform potential customers about what R Concepts Incorporated is all about.  RCI recognized that web design has changed so much in recent years, and it is imperative to have a mobile friendly, responsive layout. We also wanted to inform and connect with people that have an interest in sustainability and support them in attaining their individual and/or corporate goals. Next, RCI offers a range of business and strategic expertise consulting services to be communicated.

Content, Content, and More Content!

From project start, we worked to assess what a new marketing strategy looks like and how to best reach our target audience. How do we best articulate what we are passionate about? Can we keep it simple and still communicate our vision? Coming up with great content is always a challenge, but it was key to deploying a website that we could be proud to send potential customers to and to start a conversation about how RCI can assist their organizations.

This web design intern is working with Dave to develop content that is informative and can be an ongoing conversation with our audience... and drilling in on the fact that content marketing is where it's at! He is probably sick of hearing the mantra- content, content, and more content! Dave, I need more content! The news section of our site is where we will be posting articles and blog posts to start that conversation and connect with our audience.

Passion & New RCI Strategies

hand using laptop computer and people cogs as concept

While working with Dave on this project, I have gained new insights into the world of sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives.  I have also come to know how passionate and knowledgeable Dave is, and his ideas on how to help people and organizations meet their goals. Having a platform to communicate these game changing ideas is critical for Dave, no matter how humble he may be about putting the spotlight on himself.

There are many "next steps" in the implementation of new online business strategies. First up, implement a comprehensive social media strategy- which is in the works. Marketing strategies in the business world have evolved in recent years, and it's always good to take your own advice on taking new approaches to your business... so we're shaking things up!

So, come back and visit us to stay in the loop with RCI! Please give us feedback on the new site - be kind, I'm still just the intern!

-Mel the Intern



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