The UCS Audit

General Overview


The R Concepts Incorporated UCS Audit is a unique assessment tool developed by R Concepts Incorporated to assist institutions and individuals evaluating their overall knowledge of sustainability themes by systematically assessing knowledge, actions and definitions to produce a baseline score.  



Individuals review their unique UCS Audit profile and associated report along with follow on resources that will help them on their own sustainability journey.  Unique scores are based on:


Unlike a regular "green audit", this service looks at distinct areas and includes energy consumption analysis. Organizations can use the data captured from the R Concepts Incorporated UCS Audit to do numerous things to improve both the quality of life in the workplace and explore future sustainability action plans. Follow on resources can be customized to your organization's own programs. 

View The UCS Audit general overview in detail: RCI The UCS Audit General Overview

The UCS Audit Video

*Disclaimer: R Concepts Incorporated is no longer a Hub-Zone Certified entity due to being a victim of Federal and State level criminal acts. 

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